We provide our customers with a wide selection of services: 

  • Assistance in delivery of materials to the customer’s  warehouse. 

    Within the territory of Latvia and Belarus, wholesale of goods and sale of goods in smaller batches are delivered to the customers with RIGALIT
    land vehicles. The required temperature mode, as well as optimum transportation route is selected and provided during the transportation.

  • Cooperation in technological control area in your production process.  

    Our specialists have extensive knowledge and wide experience, as well as high precision equipment and instrument for determination of technological parameters and quality of wood planning, gluing, sanding and processing. 

  • Personnel training on the customer’s  production site. 

    We offer training of your employees in correct and rational application of materials supplied by RIGALIT company. 

  • Consulting and selection of advanced high quality materials

    and the best wood gluing, grinding and processing technologies.