About the company

The history of RIGALIT started alongside with the history of independent Latvia – in 1991 we founded a joint Latvian-French company in Riga. This was one of the first joint ventures in the country. Currently the venture RIGALIT Group is presented by three companies with 32 employees in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus.

Basic stages of establishment and development of our company:

October 17, 1991 – French venture UNALIT and Latvian factory AS BOLDERĀJA, the largest manufacturers of wood fibreboards, established RIGALIT. Number of employees – 6.

1991-1993 – during this period, the core business area of RIGALIT was exporting wood boards materials such as hardboards and chipboards to West European and Scandinavian countries.

1994 – we started co-operation with Swedish company CASCO NOBEL (today it is known as CASCO ADHESIVES AB, and it is a subdivision of AKZO NOBEL). During this period, we started supplying glues and adhesives for woodworking and furniture production sector in Latvia and Belarus.

1995 – RIGALIT started sales of abrasive materials by KWH MIRKA Ltd.(Finland).

1996 – we accepted the offer from Estonian company ES SADOLIN to represent an industrial group of wood coating materials of AKZO NOBEL in Belarus.

1998 – board members changed and venture capital was redistributed. From that moment until now, the fate of RIGALIT is in our hands only.

2002 – we established two subsidiaries – UAB MULTISPED (Kaunas, Lithuania), currently named RIGALIT Lietuva, and foreign enterprise BELRIGALIT (Minsk, Belarus).

2004 – we established a subsidiary BALTIYSKAYA PLITA (Kiev, Ukraine).

2005 – in cooperation with the ad agency “Rhino Dizaina Aģentūra”, we developed and approved a new company logo. In the same year, the company´s turnover beat all records of the past 14 years achieving 2.3 million lats (exclusive of subsidiaries)!

2006 – an anniversary year for our company: RIGALIT celebrated 15 years in the woodworking market! The number of RIGALIT employees has reached 25 people; in addition, our core personnel obtained professional education/training in woodworking or chemical technologies. Among our customers there are more than 100 Latvian, 60 Belarus, 50 Lithuanian and 10 Ukrainian companies from woodworking and furniture production sector.

We participated in the international specialised exhibition WOODWORKING-2006 (Minsk, Belarus), and for our company that was the 10th anniversary of participation.

  • May 20, 2006 – RIGALIT trademark was officially registered in the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia, and we received a certificate of trademark registration No. М 56 463.

2007 – RIGALIT Group together with its partners – the companies Casco Adhesives and Industrial Finishes Wood Coatings (both of these companies are subsidiaries of the Akzo Nobel concern) – organised a seminar “Akzo Nobel’s Client Day” in the city of Silichi, Belarus.

2008 – the RIGALIT Group of companies and its partner Casco Adhesives organised a seminar for Latvian and Belarusian clients “Akzo Nobel’s Customer's Day” in the Finnish city of Levi. This placed much greater importance on the retailing direction of Akzo Nobel varnishes and paint materials: RIGALIT hired two new employees: a sales manager and toner. In addition, two tinting machines were acquired.

2009 – participation at the fair “Woodworking. Machinery. Technologies. Instruments.”, thus consolidating its positions within the market, demonstrating the company’s stability even during such a difficult year of crisis. Almost none of our competitors took part in the fair, which helped to consolidate the reputation of RIGALIT within the Latvian market. Administrative changes are made within the Lithuanian subsidiary company UAB MULTISPED – a new managing director and chief accountant start work.  

2010 – sales volumes continue to grow: over a 10 month period, the turnover for the whole of the previous year is exceeded and sales volumes are the same as in 2008 when record high returns were achieved! To ensure the stability of deliveries, procurement and sales volumes are increased in all operating directions and a new isothermal SCHMITZ semi-trailer capable of carrying 24 tonne cargoes is acquired. Thanks to the advertisement placed on the goods vehicle, our customers and partners in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus recognise us from a great distance!

2011 – on 17 February 2011, the Lithuanian company RIGALIT Group registered a new name: UAB RIGALIT Lithuania. The new name emphasises the company’s affinity to the RIGALIT holding company, facilitates its recognition and maintenance of the company’s united image, as well as allows it to use the group’s business concept, corporate style and registered trademark: RIGALIT ® to drive sales of AKZO NOBEL (industrial adhesives and varnish-paint materials for wood coating) and KWH MIRKA Ltd (sanding and polishing materials) products in the Latvian, Lithuanian and Belarusian markets.

In an understated manner, subsidiary company RIGALIT Latvia marks its 20th anniversary with professional achievements and a celebration cake.

2012 – RIGALIT Group continues its growth and development. The group already employs 32 people.