About the company

In this section, you can find detailed information about the group of companies RIGALIT, hereinafter referred to as RIGALIT Group. We are on the wood processing market already for more than 24 years. Based on a joint concept, in three countries – Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus – we offer products for professional use: wood glues and adhesives, lacquers and paints, abrasive and polishing materials, as well as related equipment and tools.
Selecting one of the six subchapters above, you can get general information. For particular information regarding stock and quality of our supplied materials, please, visit Product section or check the menu on the left. If you or your company is based in Lithuania or Belarus, companies of the RIGALIT Group – UAB Rigalit Lietuva in Kaunas or IP Belrigalit in Minsk – are always at your service. We will help you in selecting of materials suitable for your technology in use and will offer you the best products for the specific manufacturing. Please refer to subsection “Companies of the RIGALIT Group".